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Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to some of the most frequently asked questions we receive about Expanding Equity.

  • What is Expanding Equity?

    Expanding Equity is a transformational program for advancing diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) in the private sector. The program helps business leaders and organizations attract, develop, retain and promote qualified and diverse talent, and create workplace cultures with a greater sense of belonging where all workers can thrive. Its offerings include a flagship Core Program, which helps companies plan, create and implement an actionable DEI strategy; opportunities for networking with HR and DEI leaders; a collection of on-demand topical courses to help people maximize their role as DEI leaders; and a curated collection of how-to resources and tools.

  • Why did the W.K. Kellogg Foundation create Expanding Equity?

    The business case for DEI and the “why” behind doing DEI work is well documented and, in many cases, understood. Expanding Equity focuses on elevating the “how-to” of DEI efforts because leaders are looking for the tools and resources that equip them to create organizational strategies and take action.

    As a private foundation, Expanding Equity puts WKKF’s capital, experience, influence, knowledge and reputation to work in new ways. By sharing action-oriented resources, we can help advance racial equity by transforming policies and practices in the industries and systems that shape society; drive better results for companies; and ultimately build equitable communities and an economy where all people can thrive.

  • When did Expanding Equity begin?

    Expanding Equity launched in 2019 as a series of live workshops with five private equity and financial services firms. The program has grown to support more than 100 companies and more than 600 leaders from more than 10 industries. The foundation transitioned the program to an online learning platform in 2023 so that more leaders, organizations and industries can take advantage of it.

  • What has been the scale, reach and impact of Expanding Equity?

    Expanding Equity is directly impacting about 2% of the overall U.S. workforce, or more than 3.5 million employees, through the more than 100 companies engaged. A driving force for the Kellogg Foundation in offering this program is the positive impact that Expanding Equity can ultimately make in the lives of millions of children. We know that greater access to good jobs make a difference for working families. We estimate that based on the average U.S. household size, the Expanding Equity network of companies has indirectly impacted 1-2 million children under age 18 across the United States through their DEI efforts. Read more about our impact in a three-year retrospective report.

  • Who is a part of the Expanding Equity’s network?

    More than 600 corporate leaders from more than 100 companies in more than 10 industries have participated in Expanding Equity’s Core Program. Most leaders are in DEI or human resources roles, but C-suite leaders, middle managers, Employee Resource Group leaders and functional leaders (e.g., marketing, sales, finance, legal, operations) are also represented. To date, companies from the following industries have joined the Expanding Equity network: banking, financial services, private equity, investment management, consumer goods, retail, hospitality, advanced industries, manufacturing, travel, transportation and logistics, and professional services.

  • Who is eligible to participate in Expanding Equity?

    Expanding Equity’s topical courses and resources are available to everyone.

    Our Core Program is application-based and designed for organizations in all stages of their DEI or racial equity work looking for a comprehensive, structured, measurable and actionable program. We are actively recruiting private sector, for-profit companies to apply to join online learning cohorts. Eligible organizations typically have ~100 employees, but some smaller organizations have participated in the past.

    Participating teams typically include 1 team leader, 1-2 HR or DEI professionals, 1-2 functional leaders from the business, and 1 C-suite executive sponsor. The team leader serves as a primary point of contact for your organization as your team goes through the course. It is up to each organization to select this lead.

    If you are not a private sector company, please know that we are currently developing a Core Program offering for all organizations and will share more information soon. We encourage you to sign up for Expanding Equity email updates for announcements about this new offering and additional resources as they become available.

  • What types of organizations are best suited for the Core Program?

    Expanding Equity has engaged a broad range of leaders and organizations across more than 10 industries in its Core Program.

    The Core Program is relevant if you are…

    • Just getting started or new to DEI and racial equity and are looking to build an initial strategy, and the Core Program offers tools to kickstart your journey;
    • Making great progress in your DEI efforts, and the Core Program can help you to strengthen your strategy, refine your initiatives, and accelerate your progress;
    • Well on your way and a leader in the DEI space, and the Core Program provides access to a community of like-minded practitioners to network with and share best practices and effective strategies; or
    • Experiencing a shift in your organization (e.g., a merger or acquisition), and the Core Program can help you refresh your DEI strategy and revitalize your DEI efforts.
  • What are the benefits of joining Expanding Equity?
    • A robust, field-tested framework
      Proven, data-driven strategies and resources to help you create a DEI strategy.
    • Peer-to-peer learning and networking
      Access to a growing network of 600+ like-minded practitioners across industries and opportunities to network and collaborate in live and online sessions.
    • Practical, action-oriented resources
      How-to guides, diagnostics, a catalogue of DEI initiatives, strategic planning templates and a repository of best-in-class resources that are timely, relevant and impactful
    • Skill building
      Team-based activities and tools to help you and your colleagues grow your DEI skills and capabilities
  • How much do Expanding Equity offerings cost?

    Expanding Equity offerings are offered by the W.K. Kellogg Foundation completely free of charge. We do ask participating organizations to complete a short, annual survey so that we can continue to refine offerings in the future and share key learnings with the field. Survey responses are confidential and not shared with anyone outside of the W.K. Kellogg Foundation. For any reporting on progress and impact by the network, all data will be anonymized and aggregated.

  • What are Expanding Equity’s rules regarding confidentiality? Am I required to share data? Will other people or organizations be able to see our data?

    While we highly encourage participation in the annual survey, organizations are not required to share any detailed data (e.g., DEI strategies, talent pipeline analyses) with the W.K. Kellogg Foundation or other participants. Many of our offerings involve interactions with participants from other organizations. Therefore, what you share on discussion boards and verbally share in live meetings will be known by other participants. All members of the Expanding Equity network agree to a set of terms and conditions and community standards that outline expected behaviors, confidentiality, etc. If your organization has concerns regarding privacy that would prohibit your participation, please reach out to us. We have several solutions for these types of matters that we offer and deploy on a case-by-case basis.

Last update: January 2024