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Expanding Equity is a transformational program that helps leaders and organizations attract, develop, retain and promote qualified and diverse talent, and create workplace cultures with a greater sense of belonging where all workers can thrive. The program’s offerings include our flagship Core Program, a variety of topical courses, and a curated collection of how-to resources and tools.

Transform Your Workplace with an Actionable DEI Strategy

Core Program

The Core Program is a three-month, 10-module course that supports leaders in planning, creating and implementing an actionable DEI strategy. The program is designed for and offered to organizations in the private sector.

Who Should Apply?
The program is designed for organizations in all stages of their DEI or racial equity work, that are looking for a comprehensive, structured, measurable and actionable program. We are recruiting private sector companies who want to advance racial equity, diversity and inclusion in their organizations.

Participating teams typically include 1 team leader, 1-2 functional leaders from the business, 1-2 HR professionals, and 1 C-suite executive sponsor.

If you are not a private sector company, please know that we are currently developing a Core Program offering option for all organizations and will share more information soon. In the meantime, please take advantage of the topical courses and resources. And, sign up Expanding Equity email updates below.

What is the Cost?
The Core Program is fully funded by the W.K. Kellogg Foundation and offered at no cost.

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Download a Core Program Brochure.

Next Cohort

More Upcoming

  • Cohort 11 Spring (May 23 to July 25, 2024)

    Application Deadline: April 15, 2024

  • Cohort 12 Fall (Sept. 19 to Nov. 21, 2024)

    Application Deadline: Aug. 12, 2024

  • Cohort 13 Winter (February to April 2025)

    Application Deadline: Jan. 15, 2025

  • Expanding Equity Core Program Introduction

    Curriculum & the Four Pillars of DEI Strategy

    The step-by-step curriculum uses four pillars as a guide for strategy development: Attract, Belong, Promote and Influence.

    Learners receive a workbook and accompanying catalogue with recommended DEI initiatives that they can put into action and resources and tools for attracting qualified talent, creating a culture of inclusion and belonging, opening pathways for advancement, and having a greater impact in their industry and community. Teams emerge with an actionable, organizational DEI strategy that they can begin implementing immediately.


    Attracting qualified talent to apply for open roles in the organization to increase diverse representation at all levels of the organization


    Creating an inclusive work environment that supports well-being, connection and retention so that all workers feel respected and can be successful


    Ensuring that all workers have comparable, equitable development and advancement opportunities


    Using an organization’s products, services or processes to advance diversity, equity and inclusion in the industries and communities in which it operates

    Maximize Your Role as a DEI Leader

    Topical Courses

    Deepen your learning with on-demand, self-paced courses, created by the W.K. Kellogg Foundation and trusted collaborators. Each of the courses below are available now.

    Access the Courses

    Creating a Culture of Inclusion and Belonging

    Learn how to increase inclusion and belonging in your workplace, which ultimately leads to organizational well-being and effectiveness.

    Created by W.K. Kellogg Foundation

    Responsible Contracting: Bringing Equity to Your Extended Workforce

    Gain an understanding of how to implement high-road contracting, which helps organizations attract and retain talent in the long term.

    Created by TechEquity Collaborative

    Skills-Based Hiring Principles and Practices

    Challenge traditional hiring requirements and redesign your recruiting to increase diversity and attract the talent and skills your team needs.

    Created by W.K. Kellogg Foundation