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Inclusion & Belonging Guidebook

  • As many leaders know, inclusion and belonging are vital to organizational health, well-being and effectiveness. Creating workplaces where every employee can bring their whole selves to work leads to deeper levels of commitment and higher levels of innovation. A key question is: how can leaders and organizations create a culture that embodies a feeling of inclusion and a sense of belonging for all employees?

    This guidebook supports leaders and organizations on that journey through the following sections:

    1. What is racial equity?
    2. Putting the “I” in DE&I
    3. Talking About Race (and Racism) in the Workplace
    4. Moving Beyond Allyship to Sponsorship
    5. Developing Champions for Racial Equity

    It recommends what leaders can do personally to create and reinforce a more diverse, inclusive and racially equitable workplace, how to talk about race and racism in the workplace, how to move from being an ally to a sponsor, and how to develop champions for racial equity among staff.

    View the full guide here